A collection of thoughts and insight into the world of testosterone deficiency in detail and men’s health in general.

Why are we missing the diagnosis of low testosterone in men?

Nearly a million men in the U.K. have been diagnosed with low testosterone.  We know that it has a prevalence of around 8% to 12% of men over 40, and 25% of all men will get it at some stage in their life, (although we don't know when that will be).  So, if the condition is that common, why is it something that hardly any of us have heard of? I recently did a TV interview where the male presenter spent the first five minutes of the discussion trying to determine whether it should be called "andropause", "manopause",  or "male[...]

How to Improve Testicular Health

According to a recent review of studies about sperm and testicular health, researchers found that sperm counts have dropped by almost 60% in just 40 years amongst men living in western societies. The review of testicular health studies seems to suggest that modern-day living is causing serious damage to men’s health and sperm count. But why is that? We have access to a good variety of food, healthcare, technology, exercise facilities, and overall we are living longer so what is responsible for such a dramatic decline in sperm counts, and how can we improve testicular health? The reviewed studies[...]

What Causes Male Baldness?

Whilst a large proportion of men know to expect it, only a few seem to face it with good grace. In a world of incredible technological advancements, it is almost dumbfounding that baldness is still a thing! How can it be that we can send men to the moon and control our houses via smartphones, but no one has found a cure for baldness? The problem of a balding pate is in fact age-old; in ancient Egypt, people used to rub bat dung on their heads in the hope of stimulating the follicles and later quack medicaments included boiled porcupine[...]

Which Coronavirus Test Is Most Effective?

The UK, like much of the world, remains under lockdown in response to the coronavirus crisis. As of the 29th May, Public Health England released data that shows there have been 269,127 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK, with 37,837 deaths recorded in hospitals (not including figures from places like care homes). According to virology experts, the lockdown should not be lifted until we have the facilities to test the population on a much greater scale than is currently occurring; in short, experts claim that as long as the government is not testing in the wider community, we are[...]

What Do You Count As An Essential Shop?

In 1962 a small village in the East African country of Tanganyika (now part of Tanzania) ground to a halt because of an epidemic of laughter. In the village Katasha in a small missionary boarding school, one girl began to laugh uncontrollably, then a small group of children also started to laugh, kids laugh right? But in this case, the outcome of the laughter was extraordinary. The laughter was jovial at first, so much so in fact that other students joined in despite not being privy to the origins of the levity. Some of the young ones laughed so hard[...]

Benefits Of Seeing A Private Men’s Health Doctor

For many men, the thought of going to the doctors’ fills them with deep dread, and they may only attend primary health care at the insistence of a partner or significant other who has booked the appointment for them. Women are much more likely to seek medical help than men, and there are several potential factors for this phenomenon. Firstly, the fear of receiving bad news can cause this reticence, especially if doctor google has been employed prior to the visit. The feeling that they are wasting the doctor’s time has also been found to be a cause, as well[...]

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