For many men, the thought of going to the doctors’ fills them with deep dread, and they may only attend primary health care at the insistence of a partner or significant other who has booked the appointment for them. Women are much more likely to seek medical help than men, and there are several potential factors for this phenomenon. Firstly, the fear of receiving bad news can cause this reticence, especially if doctor google has been employed prior to the visit. The feeling that they are wasting the doctor’s time has also been found to be a cause, as well as not wanting to lose time off work for health issues. Another important factor is that not all GP’s have specialist knowledge specific to men’s health and some men feel embarrassed by discussing issues that relate to sexual or reproductive health. This is why many men choose to visit a private men’s health doctor who can alleviate some of these concerns.

The benefits of seeing a private men’s health doctor are numerous, but one of the key elements is that a doctor who practices specifically in men’s health can help demystify and increase your understanding of health issues specific to men. This can also have the added benefit of removing the stigma that can be produced when tackling more sensitive issues such as testicular health or prostate concerns.

When you visit a private men’s health doctor, you will receive a personalised consultation and treatment that is individualised specifically to you. Your consultation time will be much longer than the prescribed 5-10 minutes that an NHS GP is unfortunately restricted too. The longer appointment time allows your doctor to treat you more holistically; instead of presenting a set of symptoms that need to be treated as expeditiously as possible, a private men’s health doctor has the luxury of taking the whole person, their lifestyle and history into account.

Another benefit of visiting a private men’s health doctor is that they are not restricted by the NHS guidelines. This means they are able to prescribe a wider selection of medicines and have far greater choice. For example, private GP’s are not tied to the rather narrow NHS guidelines for prescribing and treating low testosterone. This factor is really quite significant for patients who just fall into the NHS normal limits but are symptomatic and struggling with the effects of low testosterone.

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When you see a private men’s health doctor such as Dr Jeff Foster, your consultation will not be composed of a series of tick boxes. This kind of screening is sadly commonplace and assumes that we are all the same, whereas there is no rigid standard when it comes to an individual’s health and, in fact, there is often a wide range of variants depending on each person’s particular idiosyncrasies.

Some aspects of a male health screen you would expect with Dr Jeff Foster include, but are not limited to:

  • A personalised health history
  • Thorough examination
  • Mental wellbeing discussion
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Individual blood tests – including prostate and hormone profiles
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • ECGs, X-rays, and other scans where appropriate

We generally live more sedentary lives than ever before, no longer having to run around hunting our food, and this change of lifestyle has led to many of the health complaints that confront us here in the western world, so it is really vital that more importance is placed on going to visit your doctor. Regular checkups can detect a number of different diseases that can threaten men’s health, including prostate cancer, which affects tens of thousands of men in the UK each year. You do not have to wait until a problem or symptom becomes unbearable before having it checked by a doctor.

Finally, it is important to do your homework. Too few men visit a doctor let alone place enough importance on their health to shop for a decent one. So, look for a doctor who will treat you comprehensively as an individual and who you feel comfortable enough to talk openly with.

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About Dr Jeff Foster

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A Men’s Health specialist and Medical Director and founder of H3 Health.  I’m passionate about raising awareness of all aspects of Men’s Health, and heavily involved in both teaching and health promotion.   I’m a committee member of the British Society of Sexual Medicine, and have been involved in writing the most recent national guidelines for testosterone deficiency in men.

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