A collection of thoughts and insight into the world of testosterone deficiency in detail and men’s health in general.

How To Maintain Good Cardiovascular Health During Lockdown

In case you hadn’t heard, the UK is in lockdown. In practical terms that means people are being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible with the exception of essential journeys, namely to buy groceries or to attend work if you are still able to do so. The usual outlets for exercise and recreation are closed, but the official recommendation is to stay as active as possible. So what does that mean for our cardiovascular health? Regardless of the current lockdown situation, it is well acknowledged that regular physical activity benefits both the body and mind. According to[...]

Managing Mental Health In Isolation

Coronavirus has taken our global community by storm. As a new, little-understood viral condition, several factors have made it extremely difficult to contain. Primarily, the veracity with which COVID-19 can transmit from person to person. Coronavirus is an airborne disease that can spread when people cough, sneeze, or talk, spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air. Viruses are minuscule particles, tens of millions of them can fit on to the head of a pin, so they can hang in the air or land on other people or surfaces. Another factor that has made the pandemic difficult to manage is[...]

How Much Does Testosterone Cost?

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. It is responsible for the typical male characteristics such as facial and body hair as well as muscle development. This hormone also helps maintain sex drive, sperm production, and plays an important role in bone health. When testosterone production is reduced for some reason, the effects can be quite wide-ranging and in some cases quite debilitating. There are a range of treatment options, but how much does testosterone cost? Low testosterone can cause a drop in sex drive, poor erections, low sperm count, enlarged breasts, loss of body hair, loss of muscle[...]

Testosterone Deficiency Treatment In Warwickshire

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men. Formed primarily in the testicles, it stimulates sperm production as well as a man's sex drive. It also helps build muscle and bone mass. Testosterone production typically decreases with age by about 1% per year from the age of 30. Low testosterone is the underproduction or lack of production of testosterone and can be caused by a variety of reasons and be responsible for a wide assortment of symptoms. Low testosterone is relatively common in the over 40 age group, affecting up to 12% of men aged 50 and over, and can[...]

Are Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Effective?

Most men will, on occasion, fail to achieve or sustain an erection, and it is a surprisingly common occurrence. In fact, half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 years will experience it to some degree. This means there are several million men in the UK suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and those numbers generally increase with age. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of sufferers actually receive erectile dysfunction drugs or other therapies. The occasional failure to establish an erection can often be induced by the stresses of daily life, tiredness, anxiety, or excessive alcohol consumption and it[...]

What We Know About Coronavirus

Five years ago the Microsoft business Magnate Bill Gates was invited to give a TED Talk in Vancouver Canada. The TED Talk was delivered in the wake of the Ebola outbreak which killed thousands of people, spread to five African countries and the US. During the presentation Bill Gates predicted that the greatest risk of global catastrophe that faces humankind is no longer the threat of nuclear war, instead, he claimed it is the threat of contagious diseases. He went on to say that we are not ready for a highly infectious viral or bacterial condition and that whilst so-called[...]

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