I provide multiple opportunities for patients to feedback during/after their consultations.

“My husband and I have both consulted with Dr Foster. He is at all times caring and professional, listening carefully and taking the time to ask questions to get to the heart of the problem. He has treated a variety of health issues for my husband including skin problems and arthritis in addition to specific men’s health concerns. We both feel that we receive a level of care from Jeff that we have not experienced before and do not hesitate to recommend him.”

Chris, West Midlands

“I first met Dr Jeff around four years ago, I was 52 healthy man, however I was felling fatigued all the time, so went to see Jeff. He was proactive and thought out of the box to explore all the options and reasons why. The medication and help Jeff provided me has solved the fatigue. Since then Jeff is my go to man with any health issues from minor issues, up to support during and after a heart operation.”

Wendy, Gloucester

“My treatment and care under Jeff Foster has been brilliant. Jeff is a very knowledgeable and informative professional. I have had many discussions and consultations with Jeff – he is a very down to earth person and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Nick, Warwickshire



I make sure that every patient has the opportunity to give me feedback.
Did The Dr Make You Feel Comfortable? (At The Right Level Or Exceeded Expectations) 98%
Did The Dr Clearly Explain Your Test Results(At The Right Level Or Exceeded Expectations) 95%
Did You Feel You Had Enough Time To Ask Questions (At The Right Level Or Exceeded Expectations) 98%
Do You Feel Your Doctor Answered Your Questions Fully? (At The Right Level Or Exceeded Expectations) 98%

*Results are based on feedback gathered from H3 Health patients of Dr Jeff Foster between October 2022 and June 2023.