About Dr Foster

Dr Jeff Foster is a GP, Men’s Health Specialist, and one of the founders of H3 Health, a national medical company that focuses on health and wellbeing of men and women over the age of 40. Dr Foster is a family-oriented and regularly plays on a local football team (badly). He is passionate about spreading awareness of men’s health topics, whether by lecturing, writing articles, creating videos and infographics, and of course, seeing patients within the NHS and at his private practice.

Before studying medicine, Dr Foster completed an honours degree in Physiology at King’s College London. He then went on to study medicine at Warwick Medical School, and has lived and worked in the West Midlands since graduating in 2004.  Since 2012, Dr Foster has worked as a GP Partner at a busy practice in Leamington Spa.

In addition to his core general practice work, Dr Foster has also gained a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and until September 2017, worked as a Staff Grade doctor in the Accident and Emergency Department at the University Hospitals in Coventry and Warwickshire, accumulating over nine years of hands on experience in emergency care.

Current Interests

Men’s health

After realising that men’s overall health was not a dedicated specialty within medicine in the UK, Dr Jeff Foster decided to create such a position in order to assist in improving the healthcare offering that is available for male patients. Dr Foster has been involved in developing and promoting Men’s Health in Warwickshire and nationally.  He has written articles on various male health topics such as testosterone deficiency in men, as well as promoting local awareness of prostate cancer, and writing medical papers on erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency. In addition, Dr Foster has given talks to the local community on Men’s Health, and is involved in lecturing junior doctors on topics like testosterone deficiency and men’s health issues. In 2021, Dr Foster published the definitive guide to staying healthy as a man: Man Alive, The Health Problems Men Face and How to Fix Them



Dr Foster has written columns for local newspapers on various medical topics, and regularly contributes to national newspapers, medical journals, magazines, and online articles on a variety of medical topics. He is also available for comment on a range of medicine topics for media outlets.

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