TFJ Private GP Services

As part of Dr Foster’s private General Practice, TFJ private GP services is based in Warwickshire and built upon a very simple belief: that a patient should have easy access to their doctor.  We understand how important your relationship with your General Practitioner can be: they are your first port of call for any health concerns, and it’s essential that you feel they are on-hand and prepared to give you time.  As such, we do no offer on-line or 5 min consultations.  All our initial consultations are face-to-face and a minimum of 30 minutes.

From blood tests to X-Rays, weight management to stopping smoking, TFJ Private GP offer the full breadth of care which a GP should –  six days a week, and with evening appointments.  We are committed to providing a high quality, accessible, comprehensive GP service for patients who cannot wait for an appointment, would appreciate a longer period of time with their doctor, or who are not eligible for NHS care.

Our partnership with Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital in the West Midlands also means we can take full advantage of on-site pharmacy, blood screening, MRIs and more. We offer the complete range of travel vaccinations and wide array of services for those studying and working abroad.

For more information, please browse this website.  We have used this site to cover many of the most common queries our patients have, but offer many more services and every kind of support, fitting our care precisely to the patient. After all, that’s what a GP and their patient should always have the time do.

TFJ Private GP