Men's MOT

By law we are required to make sure that our vehicles are road worthy enough to pass a yearly MOT, in fact most people spend on average £350 a year on the MOT process. MOT’s and regular servicing ensure that cars are safe, reliable and let’s face it chaps, you will take the car to pieces to fix that annoying knocking noise coming from the big end.

You clean and polish the car on a regular basis, and heaven help the kids if they leave junk food wrappers in the newly valeted interior!

Sadly, the time, expense, and care for safety lavished on your vehicles is not reflected in the time you take looking after your own health and self care. Far from it in fact, men’s health is often stigmatised and we live in a ‘man up’ culture, where it is more common to ignore the knocking and niggles coming from your own body than to ask for help. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a high mortality rate for males before the age of 65.

Dr Jeff Foster intends to address this problem, he wants to remove the stigma surrounding men’s health and to give his patients a thorough MOT! You wouldn’t want to drive around in a car that is not roadworthy, especially if you have a family to look out for, so why not extend that care to yourself? Your body could really benefit from a yearly MOT too!


The Male MOT process


Full medical history
Physical exam
Blood tests
Urine test
Results explained
Plan of action set


The Male MOT process explained…


The Male MOT is a quick and easy process and usually only requires between 30 minutes to an hour of your time, so could easily fit into a lunch time as there is no down time required.  

The MOT is a holistic process and comprises of a comprehensive set of checks to establish a baseline of the current state of the health and vitality of your body. Every aspect of your health is included, which Dr Jeff Foster will assemble like pieces of a jigsaw to gain an overall picture. The MOT is specifically tailored to each individual and provides a bespoke experience as no two individuals are the same. 

Dr Jeff will confidentially discuss any current health concerns that you may have, review any past health issues, and take a full family history, as information about any family health conditions may be relevant to your own situation.
He will then conduct a thorough physical exam that includes lung function, urine tests, blood pressure, and heart trace (where needed), as well as a comprehensive set of male-health orientated bloods in order to gather a more in depth picture of the overall condition of your body.

The information is presented as an in depth and comprehensive Male MOT report, indicating the results that you have received and what they mean. The report will highlight all areas of concern, and also provide a plan of action moving forward. The good news is that you don’t need a medical degree to understand the report, and the results will be explained to you in great detail by Dr Jeff so there will be no ambiguity regarding the results or the plan going forwards. 

Dr Jeff will provide the information and tools to help you to action any changes required. You will then be scheduled for a follow up appointment when it is needed to discuss how the changes you have made have affected the initial baseline results. Most patients progress nicely following their initial Male MOT visit and enjoy freedom from their niggling health worries, whilst others may require further assistance. In the cases where a major problem is identified, Dr Jeff will work closely with a range of hospital specialist consultants who can provide urgent advice or take over care both within the NHS and privately if required.


Why do I need an MOT?


Dr Jeff has created a set of comprehensive holistic tests geared specifically to men’s health and the potential problems that face men here in the developed world. Dr Jeff acknowledges the stigma that may prevent men taking care of their health, but heartily encourages men to look after yourselves just like you look after your cars. Your long term health will benefit and the impact on your family will be positive.

So, if you wouldn’t risk driving around in a dodgy car, why would you take that risk with your own health and wellbeing?

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