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What should be in a men’s health check?

It is easy for patients to attend doctors or wellness clinics and be given a series of generic “tick box” screening tests, broadly classified as a health check.  However, this kind of screening assumes we are all the same, and as we know, there is no rigid standard when it comes to personal health; everybody’s “normal” varies.

My aim is to create a tailored health check to meet individual risk factors, lifestyles, age, stresses, family history, and past medical history. By doing so, we can construct a men’s health check that is specific to the unique health needs of each patient, for better overall healthcare. After all, every man is different, so why should their tests be the same?

Some specific aspects of our male health screen include, but are not limited to:

A personalised health history
Thorough examination
Mental wellbeing discussion
Lifestyle assessment
Individual blood tests –  including prostate and hormone profiles
Cardiovascular risk assessment
ECGs, X-rays, and other scans where appropriate

There are hundreds of different screening tests available for those seeking healthcare, and they are often marketed as vital to your health. However, not all of these are needed, and most of the time many are unnecessary unless patients present with specific health conditions. Therefore, it is important that we select suitable tests based on evidence, thorough assessment, and the best indicators of potential health problems.

Finally, should any illnesses be diagnosed that require specialist care, I work closely with a range of specialist consultants that we can discuss cases with and refer to. Same day referrals are available if required, in order to provide you with the best healthcare service possible.

Specific tests and requests

Through our partnerships with Core clinics, CMC imaging, and Nuffield Hospital, we are able to offer virtually every test, vaccination, and treatment available in the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about health checks or specific tests or treatments you might require.

What are the benefits of a men’s health check?

As well as providing diagnosis and care for any potential health problems, health checks offer a brilliant opportunity to identify possible future concerns. We can then offer advice and support with lifestyle or other changes to reduce the risk of more serious issues arising. Men’s health checks with Dr Jeff Foster include both physical and mental health, with a strong emphasis on complete wellbeing.

Why choose Dr Jeff Foster for your men’s health check?

Dr Jeff Foster is directly involved in promoting and developing men’s health in Warwickshire and the wider West Midlands area, and has written a number of articles on health issues, with a focus on men’s health, including concerns like testosterone deficiency, male-specific cancers, and male hormone changes with age (colloquially referred to as ‘the manopause’).  He has a specialist interest in men’s health, and approaches every patient with a holistic view to treating the whole person for all round positive wellbeing, to encourage an improvement in all aspects of life, providing both curative and preventative care.

Specific tests and requests

Through our partnership with Core clinics, CMC imaging, and Nuffield Hospital, we offer virtually every test, vaccination, or treatment, available in the UK.  Please contact me if you have any questions about health checks or specific tests or treatments you might require.

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