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What should be in a health check?

It is easy for patients to attend doctors or wellness clinics and be given a series of “tick box” screening tests, broadly classed as a health check.  This assumes we are all the same. My aim is to tailor a health check to meet individual risk factors, lifestyles, age, stresses, family history and past medical history. By doing so, we can construct a health check specific to the health needs of each patient. After all, all men are different, so why should their tests be the same?

Specific aspects of our male health screen include:

  • a personalised history
  • examination
  • mental wellbeing discussion,
  • lifestyle assessment.   
  • Iindividual blood tests –  prostate and hormone profiles
  • cardiovascular risk
  • ECGs, X-rays and scans where appropriate.

There are hundreds of screening tests available, often marketed as vital to your health. But not all are appropriate or even needed. Therefore, it is important that we select tests based on evidence, assessment, and the best indicators of potential health problems.

Finally, should any illnesses be diagnosed that require specialist care, I work closely with a range of specialist consultants that we can discuss cases with and refer the same day if required.


Health Checks

Prevention is better than cure. Health screening is designed to prevent ill health and to detect disease early enough so that it can be treated properly, giving you a better quality of life. Over the age of 30 men start to decrease their natural testosterone production, become subject to the effects of heart disease, and can start to develop risk factors for many other illnesses. We are encouraged to service our cars regularly, and we should the same about our bodies and minds too. It is much easier to manage or correct a small problem before it becomes a big which may be irreversible.

Specific tests and requests

Through our partnership with Core clinics, CMC imaging, and Nuffield Hospital, we offer virtually every test, vaccination, or treatment, available in the UK.  Please contact me if you have any questions about health checks or specific tests or treatments you might require.

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