The ability to achieve an erection can be empowering, increasing a man’s experience of masculinity and an erect phallus is a long standing sign of virility. The reverse is true, it can be said, of those suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). It can have serious psychological consequences, as feelings of inadequacy impact heavily on the ability to enjoy and sustain intimate relations, leading them to seek out an erectile dysfunction cure.

Despite being an exceptionally common complaint particularly in the 40-70 year old age group, men with erection difficulties seldom seek help, and when they do they often relay feelings of being misunderstood by the doctor or health professional.Many who seek advice from their GP’s are sent away with a prescription for Viagra or similar medication, which although it provides symptomatic relief does not provide a cure. Some men and their partners convey that the pills reduce spontinaity and having to schedule sex can reduce the overall pleasure of the liason.

So is there a way to cure erectile dysfunction avoiding the obvious quick blue pill fix?
Can men with limited or no erectile function once again enjoy time in the bedroom?

The first step to empowerment is to seek help! Stand up to the disorder and then you may be pleasantly surprised that a cure is just around the corner. Sometimes with relatively simple lifestyle changes. It is important to understand that the inability to achieve or maintain an erection is usually a symptom of another underlying condition. Doctor Jeff Foster prides himself on getting to the root of the symptoms and treating the whole person not just their ‘bits’.


The three categories for treating ED:

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Short term treatments – These will provide assistance with achieving and maintaining an erection. The aforementioned viagra is one such remedy as it increases blood flow to the penis.
However, there are often unfortunate side effects related to such medication, most commonly, headaches, upset stomach, back pain, muscle pain and nausea… none of which are conducive to a night of passion.

Finding and treating the underlying causes – Heart problems such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, and high blood pressure are the primary causes of ED. Heart problems can be successfully addressed with medication, a healthy diet and regular exercise. These simple steps can eliminate or reduce any erection difficulties that may arise… no pun intended.
Erection complications caused by type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome also have great results once a few behavioral changes are initiated.
Other causal indicators for ED include smoking, alcohol abuse, substance abuse and some medications and cancer treatments. But with the right support inplace and an indepth plan of action, the symptoms can be reversed and a normal sex life resumed.

Another cause of ED includes Peyronie’s disease also known as bent penis syndrome because plaques build up inside the penis causing rigidity of the walls and deformities, but once diagnosed the disorder can also be successfully treated.

This list is by no means exhaustive, which is why it is so important to seek help.

Psychological Treatments – Erectile complications may be psychological which are often compounded by anxiety due to the dysfunction. Stress from work, money worries, relationship issues, anxiety disorders and depression are all important factors in ED.
The effects are aggravated by mens embarrassment when it comes to discussing sexual health concerns with health professionals.
However, when men do approach their feelings, anxieties, and stressors head on, when they seek help from someone trained to listen the results can be profound and liberating. As the layers of anxiety are peeled back and revealed their power over you diminishes as do the symptoms of ED.

Every aspect of your health is important which is why doctor Jeff Foster offers a comprehensive wellness check specific to men’s health, he will recommend simple restorative changes that can make a huge difference, such as…

  • Relaxation techniques for reducing stress and blood pressure
  • Simple exercises to improve blood flow and mood.
  • Weight loss plan (if required), to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol and increase testosterone levels.
  • Dietary changes to promote total body and mental health.
  • Pelvic strengthening exercises, to improve the muscles controlling ejacualtion.
  • Referral for couples therapy.
  • Medication for one of the disorders previously mentioned.
  • A check of current medication incase that is causing the problem.

The important thing to understand is, why you have the erection problem. So, whatever it is causing it you can approach a cure fully supported with no stigma attached. A wellness check and subsequent plan will improve your overall health and wellbeing making you feel much more like your old self again.

Not being able to achieve an erection is nothing to be ashamed of, but adhering to stereotypes that real men don’t ask for help is. It is time to take back the power and reclaim your erection.

For more information about erectile dysfunction cures and a complete wellness MOT contact doctor Jeff Foster.