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In addition to writing a monthly health column for a local newspaper, I also regularly contribute to regional and national newspapers on a variety of medical topics.  In addition, I have written on-line articles for various health journals, and been on regional radio and television.  I am available for comment on any aspect of medicine.

Magazines, Papers, and online articles of interest

Online newspaper and Journal Articles

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Does-the-flu-jab-make-you-immune-to-flu? December 2020
Sorry, Men: Wearing a Condom Doesn’t Make You Incapable of Orgasm Vice News Jan 2020
Why Santa would have died at 54 Digital Journal and The Scotsman Dec 2019
Why am I tried all the time?  HuffPost October, 2019 
The secret of our success? Going barefoot in the park! It’s called ‘grounding – Daily Mail August 2019
Why Magnesium With Vitamin B6 Could Be Your New Sleep SaviourPretty52 July 2019
Why is there blood coming out my penis? – netdoctor May 2019
Why are STIs on the rise in Silver Singles – The Telegraph
Sore Throats and Throat Cancer – Leamington Courier/Warwick Courier/ Kenilworth News
Premature ejaculation – Netdoctor Feb 2019 
Erectile Dysfunction: Why it’s so much more than awkward questions and blue pills 
Is your testosterone low? Take the ADAM test – netdoctor Sept 2018
Quiz: When will I get my first period? – – 2018
How to keep kids healthy over Summer –  – August 2018
Why everything you thought you knew about yogurt is (probably) wrong –   The Daily Telegraph – 2018
Kawaii – the Japanese art of relaxing by looking at cute animals; a way of reducing stress during the World cup – The Metro – 2018
World Cup and health risk – Leamington Courier – 2018
Unusual case of autism and bleach – Newsweek 2018
Diabetes and Health risks – The SUN – 2017
B12 and depression – Red Magazine – 2017
Toff’s weight loss – Daily Star – 2017
Recurrence of Victorian Diseases – Sunday Express – 2017
Sexual difference in men and women – The SUN – 2017